When the union of the born and the made is complete,our fabrications will learn,adapt, heal themselves and evolve. This is a power we have hardly dreamt of yet – Kevin Kelly

At Prakriti we continue the experiments in finding alternatives in building habitable spaces to create vibrant communities living in unison with nature. We are focused on the needs of the individual to feel psychologically and socially secure as well as to engage with the larger community of like-minded people with a shared vision of Eco-sustainable future.

Nature always gives rejuvenation. This is the reason why we consider nature and landscape as an integral part of our design, how small it may be.

Prakriti is a group of Eco-Architects, Engineers and Other individuals experimenting with alternatives in architecture.Inspired by the work and philosophy of Laurie Baker, we focus on environment friendly developments and explore concepts of holistic development.

We very much consider the necessity of appropriate private spaces, open and semi-open spaces in design, in order to enhance community life and interaction in the public spaces. We hope that these environments will create a greater sense of social responsibility among the members.

Our approach to design is to push the boundaries of sustainable architecture and create green living spaces. In this endeavor we have bridged a partnership with Biley Menon and Chitra Biley of Idea Design, architects whose passion and vision have shaped many projects responsive to environment and heritage.

Our Team

We work together as an integrated team – from concept to completion. This high degree of interaction between our team members ensures that every little detail gets the close attention it deserves.

The architects, engineers, crafts persons, and individuals in our team are willing to multi-task and passionate about what they do. 

The Prakriti Team ensures that the projects are executed with utmost technical accuracy, quality, perfection and with excellent sense of aesthetics with the team member’s hands-on style involvement.

We focus on creating sustainable communities that are in harmony with their surroundings.

The Team is Led by Mr. Mathew Varghese, One of the founding and core members who played a key role in establishing Good Earth as a major brand in creating sustainable communities. His deep spiritual and philosophical insights have helped forge many Eco-friendly partnerships in kerala.

Each individual finds his/her niche in the organization and does what they are best at. The strength of our organization lies in working in small decentralized groups thereby creating positive group dynamics.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the world needs an enormous number of new Innovators, Change Agents, and Transformers, all dedicated to turning development in the direction of sustainability.

We present a positive opportunity for all who interact with us, encouraging creativity, learning and growth, and nurturing of a deep appreciation of the gift of life.

Partner With Us

Prakriti Entrepreneur

Develop your property into an Eco-community, or an appropriate alternative usage, according to market trends.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to work with us, for potential joint ventures.

We ensure that the partnership is mutually fair to all the stakeholders, and the experience beneficial, financially and adds value to the concerned asset.

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