Homes for sustainable living

A journey through life is more fulfilling when you have the company of like minded people and a space where your shared ideas and notions of life can evolve and take shape. To build a special eco-scape where nature can breathe easy, heal and flourish.

Prakriti builds your own eco community with the goal of becoming more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Eco community members are united by shared ecological, social-economic and cultural values. Many see the breakdown of traditional forms of community, wasteful consumerist lifestyles, the destruction of natural habitat, urban sprawl, factory farming, and over reliance on fossil fuels, as trends that must be changed to avert ecological disaster. Communities with minimal ecological impact are an alternative for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Architecture

Our Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.

Nature into your home

The ability to bring nature into your home has been an ambition that home owners have strived for over the centuries. For generations humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space.

In recent years the growing awareness of the dwindling of the Earth’s resources have made it even more apparent that bringing nature into our homes is essential as it is a design aesthetic we can’t duplicate. That is what we try in our projects.

Design for natural light and ventilation

Natural light and air flow into the homes through the corridors, bay windows, French windows and verandahs. The windows have comfortable seats where you can just relax with a cup of tea or book.

At Prakriti the homes open to the beauty of the landscape around. All the homes are aesthetically placed ensuring adequate natural light and cross ventilation. The strategic placing of the courtyards, nature blending landscapes and the use of thermally conducive materials are all features that reduce the necessity for artificial temperature control.