Sustainable Architecture

Our Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.

Nature Into Your Home

For generations humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space.

Integrating Ecology With Landscape

You will be happily spared of well-manicured lawns or ornamentation plants that scream out “Touch me not” besides being high on maintenance and water consumption.

Prakriti Aawaas


The Prakriti Aawaas concept is to create an eco-sensitive neighbourhood nested in the folds of nature. Aawaas is made up of 20 premium, eco-friendly designer villas in a peaceful and tranquil 2 acres area

Located hardly 1 KM from Civil Station Kakkanad, the 4 BHK luxury villas give you hassle-free access to the city.

The yards of all these luxury villa units are envisaged as green patches and gardens which continue through the villa courtyards, car porch roofs and pergolas that connect to the central garden area making a seamless green network. This becomes the canvas in which the living units are sculpted. All the common areas are aesthetically designed to provide living zones for indigenous species of plants, herbs and fruit trees.

Like the bird’s nest or the rabbit’s burrow, the living spaces in the layout are nestled within the green landscape. The landscape is considered as the primary element of design which blends to form a seamless continuum. The living spaces become inclusive elements that merge with the landscape. What we have initiated is a development model with least disturbance to the land, yet exploiting the possibilities the site offers.

We welcome you to visit us. Call us in +91 99471 11155 or email us at sales@prakriti.net.in before coming.

  • Land Area:: 2 Acres
  • Families:: 20
  • Plot Sizes:: 6.5 – 9.5 Cents
  • Home Sizes:: 2650 – 3300 Sq Ft
  • Court Yards:: Private
  • Bedrooms:: 4 rooms
  • Sky Gardens:: Private
Phone: +91 9947 111155
  • Fully equipped Club House
  • Swimming Pool with Kids Pool
  • Badminton Court & Indoor Games
  • Security, Street Lighting & Power Backup
  • Broadband & Cable TV
  • Dedicated party area & landscaped Garden
  • Rain Water Harvesting & aquifer recharges
  • Organic waste management system
  • High Yield Open well
  • Non Toxic Paints & Pollution free Zone
  • Green Construction Practices
  • Indigenous species in the landscape

Prakriti is an attempt to rebuild our ties with nature by engaging with it

Your home will not compete with nature, instead it will dissolve into the landscape.

Individual Residences

A Home provides the most significant space in our lives. It is where we spend our most comfortable and most intimate moments. It contains our memories, our dreams and perhaps our future. We design individual homes by considering all such factors and varied tastes of each individuals. It helps in shaping a new life in unison with Nature. Project management consultancy is offered for Individual Residences as well as multiple housing projects.


"When the union of the born and the made is complete,our fabrications will learn,adapt, heal themselves and evolve. This is a power we have hardly dreamt of yet" – Kevin Kelly

At Prakriti we continue the experiments in finding alternatives in building habitable spaces to create vibrant communities living in unison with nature. We are focused on the needs of the individual to feel psychologically and socially secure as well as to engage with the larger community of like-minded people with a shared vision of Eco-sustainable future.

Nature always gives rejuvenation. This is the reason why we consider nature and landscape as an integral part of our design, how small it may be.

Prakriti is a group of Eco-Architects, Engineers and Other individuals experimenting with alternatives in architecture. Inspired by the work and philosophy of Laurie Baker, we focus on environment friendly developments and explore concepts of holistic development

We very much consider the necessity of appropriate private spaces, open and semi-open spaces in design , in order to enhance community life and interaction in the public spaces. We hope that these environments will create a greater sense of social responsibility among the members

Our approach to design is to push the boundaries of sustainable architecture and create green living spaces. In this endeavor we have bridged a partnership with Biley Menon and Chitra Biley of Idea Design, architects whose passion and vision have shaped many projects responsive to environment and heritage


We work together as an integrated team – from concept to completion.

This high degree of interaction between our team members ensures that every little detail gets the close attention it deserves.

The architects, engineers, crafts persons, and individuals in our team are willing to multi-task and passionate about what they do.

The Prakriti Team ensures that the projects are executed with utmost technical accuracy, quality, perfection and with excellent sense of aesthetics with the team member’s hands-on style involvement.

We focus on creating sustainable communities that are in harmony with their surroundings

The Team is Led by Mr. Mathew Varghese, One of the founding and core members who played a key role in establishing Good Earth as a major brand in creating sustainable communities. His deep spiritual and philosophical insights have helped forge many Eco-friendly partnerships in Kerala.

Each individual finds his/her niche in the organization and does what they are best at. The strength of our organization lies in working in small decentralized groups thereby creating positive group dynamics.


We believe that the world needs an enormous number of new Innovators, Change Agents, and Transformers, all dedicated to turning development in the direction of sustainability.

We present a positive opportunity for all who interact with us, encouraging creativity, learning and growth, and nurturing of a deep appreciation of the gift of life.


Develop your property into an Eco-community, or an appropriate alternative usage, according to market trends.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to work with us, for potential joint ventures.

We ensure that the partnership is mutually fair to all the stakeholders, and the experience beneficial, financially and adds value to the concerned asset.


Prakriti is an attempt to rebuild our ties with nature by engaging with it. Your home will not compete with nature, instead it will dissolve into the landscape.


A journey through life is more fulfilling when you have the company of like minded people and a space where your shared ideas and notions of life can evolve and take shape. To build a special eco-scape where nature can breathe easy, heal and flourish.

Prakriti builds your own eco community with the goal of becoming more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Eco community members are united by shared ecological, social-economic and cultural values. Many see the breakdown of traditional forms of community, wasteful consumerist lifestyles, the destruction of natural habitat, urban sprawl, factory farming, and over reliance on fossil fuels, as trends that must be changed to avert ecological disaster. Communities with minimal ecological impact are an alternative for a sustainable future.


Our Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.


The ability to bring nature into your home has been an ambition that home owners have strived for over the centuries. For generations humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space.

In recent years the growing awareness of the dwindling of the Earth’s resources have made it even more apparent that bringing nature into our homes is essential as it is a design aesthetic we can’t duplicate. That is what we try in our projects.


Natural light and air flow into the homes through the corridors, bay windows, French windows and verandahs. The windows have comfortable seats where you can just relax with a cup of tea or book.

At Prakriti the homes open to the beauty of the landscape around. All the homes are aesthetically placed ensuring adequate natural light and cross ventilation. The strategic placing of the courtyards, nature blending landscapes and the use of thermally conducive materials are all features that reduce the necessity for artificial temperature control.

Eco Features

Eco-conscience drives our design and choice of materials and techniques such that you and your environment forge a relationship for life. We are committed to creating homes with low or no carbon emissions.

The layout has been planned in a way that helps retain much of the original topography. Thus, we have reduced the road areas and incorporated many of the trees in the landscaping. Houses take on the unique terraced character of the landscape and are built on multi-levels. Spaces within homes are efficiently planned. The amount of space wasted in circulation is saved by reducing the number of walls, light pools are created through a play of single and double height spaces.

The density of houses at Prakriti are low. The carbon footprints are greatly reduced by utilizing less than the maximum permissible area allowed to build, leading to lower material resources and hence less burden on the land.


We intend to use a combination of energy-efficient and locally available materials in the construction of your homes. This ensures the use of minimal energy in their transportation and manufacture.
BURNT BRICK: It has excellent load-bearing properties, minimizing the use of steel and cement. Besides, it is a material that breathes and helps keep homes cool.
STONE: Another locally available material with excellent insulating properties and aesthetic beauty. Today building with stone is a craft that is slowly disappearing with the increasing dependence on factory-made synthetic materials, and therefore the need to revive its use.
WOOD: At Prakriti, wood is more than just an aesthetic source and is seen as a sustainable resource. To promote its use as a renewable resource, we intend to plant timber species within the community. A warm, intimate material, it replaces high energy consuming steel and aluminium for doors and windows and can be used even for floors. We believe in recycling old timber – from houses that are demolished, from packing cases, and from plantation timber—as opposed to forest timber.
NATURAL STONE AND CLAY FOR FLOORS: As natural floor materials, these are good for you and your family’s health. Wood and clay offers better insulation and comfort than synthetic floors. Besides they age beautifully with the years.


Traditional crafts like carpentry, stonework, crafts from natural/recycled materials and masonry are slowly dying out as they cannot adapt to newer material, technology and requirement. But the value they impart to a space cannot be overlooked. We make a conscious effort to integrate these crafts and their skilled crafts person’s in the building process. In all our work, we emphasis human resource rather than material.


DESIGN FOR NATURAL LIGHT AND VENTILATION: All the homes have been designed with adequate natural light and cross ventilation. Large windows, wide verandahs, air channels to take hot air out, and thermally conducive materials, are all features which reduce the necessity for artificial light and ventilation. Be the proud resident of an energy efficient home!
ENERGY-EFFICIENT LIGHTING: We have used, wherever possible, say for instance in common areas and streets, low wattage heating elements like CFL and LED lighting systems to ensure prudent use of power. So you can rest assured that Prakriti doesn’t generate carbon footprints by unrestrained energy use.

Waste Management

We propose to have an efficient garbage disposal system that separates solid and non-biodegradable waste from the organic waste. Organic waste can be collected and composted, and the compost reused as manure. Some of the non-biodegradable waste can be incinerated. For the metals and plastics, one could look at recycling agencies which can pick up the waste.


RAINWATER HARVESTING AND RECHARGING: Rainwater is harvested and the ground water is recharged through well-spread out percolation channels across Prakriti. Roof water will also be channeled through pipes, and allowed to percolate to the earth through a series of percolation channels and pits thereby helps in aquifer recharges.
WATER RECYCLING: An on-campus sewage treatment plant recycles all waste water. The waste water from the kitchens and bathrooms is collected and treated with a series of bio-filters and then passed through planted reed beds, to emerge clean. This water is then used for gardening and for toilet flushing. The planted reed beds merge elegantly into the landscape.



Creating an environment for the land to rejuvenate becomes an important aspect of planning, especially for the psychological and cultural values they impart. You will be happily spared of well-manicured lawns or ornamentation plants that scream out “Touch me not” besides being high on maintenance and water consumption.

Your environment at Prakriti will be more interactive and engaging, after all you are here to forge a relationship with Nature!

Your home will be surrounded by a veritable encyclopaedia of plants and trees that are local and indigenous and have medicinal values. Relive the nostalgia of your own childhood as your children discover insects and birds, climb trees and create imaginative worlds in the nooks and corners of Prakriti. While you also experience the change in seasons as expressed through the flowering and shedding of the trees.

Prakriti is an attempt to rebuild our ties with nature by engaging with it. Your home will not compete with nature, instead it will dissolve into the landscape.



All our residences are designed to optimize the use of natural light and cross ventilation wherever possible

Prakriti Architecture team is fully equipped to cater the needs of individual clients dreaming of a home in their own piece of land. We offer complete project management consultancy services for such clients.


Prakriti Team Coordinates the professional resale management in our completed projects with all necessary documentations.


Team Prakriti undertakes maintenance services including structural, electrical, carpentry and plumbing within our community


We are associated with all leading financial institutions and we do all the coordination works related to the processing of loans.


Agreements, Rent management, Payment of Tax/Electricity/Water/Telephone/Internet bills etc within our communities.



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Prakriti Group

A team of Eco-Architects, Engineers, Crafts Persons and other Individuals dedicated in the direction of Sustainable Architecture. They are led by Mr. Mathew Varghese, one of the founding and core members who played a key role in establishing Good Earth as the leading pioneers in building sustainable communities.

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Materials and Approach

We focus on creating homes which are in harmony with their surroundings by using natural construction materials, which are maintenance free and also age beautifully with time.

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